Netflix original series to watch this year

Netflix is here!

The video streaming service’s mega expansion to over 130 countries including Malaysia could only mean that we’re in danger of becoming couch potatoes… but in a good way because of all the great shows on offer. We still can’t be sure if we’ll have access to the complete US or regional catalogue but if we ever do, these are the new shows we’re most looking forward to.

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Chelsea Does

Chelsea Does

Chelsea Handler is hitting the ground running after leaving E! for her new home at Netflix. In addition to hosting a regular talk show, Handler will also be producing this four-part documentary series, which sees her taking a witty look at marriage, racism, Silicon Valley and drugs.

Now showing

Fuller House

This ‘Full House’ reboot will probably not be good, but it’s such a weird idea you can be sure we’ll be watching at least a few episodes. How have the actors aged? Will they be recreating the opening credits with carefully placed trees in front of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen? And any chance to see John Stamos outside of a Greek yoghurt commercial is more than welcome. Who knows, we still may get that surprise Olsen twins cameo.

Premieres February 26



Netflix has already ordered two seasons of this new show from Judd Apatow, his first since ‘Declared’ was cancelled in 2003. The series will focus on the relationship of Gus and Mickey (Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs) as it goes through various ups and downs, and will premiere the week of Valentine’s Day on February 19.

Premieres February 19

The Get Down

Baz Luhrmann directing a television series about the ’70s New York music scene? Why not! Set to be released later this year, Netflix’s first musical drama is set in The Bronx and chronicles the early days of hip hop, disco and punk.

Premieres August 12


The Crown

Screenwriter Peter Morgan (‘The Queen’) is back to analyse royalty once again with this new show written exclusively for Netflix. The show will consist of 13 hour-long episodes that tell the full story of the British royal family.

Marvel’s Luke Cage

Sure, ‘Daredevil’ was fine. But this fall’s ‘Jessica Jones’ was the best television series Marvel has done yet. Considering what a large role Mike Colter’s Luke Cage played in that show, here’s hoping this new superhero tale (Another one! Yay...) will be just as ambitious.

More shows to look out for


Stranger Things
Originally titled ‘Montauk’, this hour-long supernatural drama from Matt and Ross Duffer stars Winona Ryder as a working-class single mum whose son disappears under mysterious circumstances. In addition to giving Ryder what sounds like a meaty role, we can’t wait to see what kind of creepiness the Duffer brothers have in store for us after their spooky ‘Wayward Pines’.
Premieres July 15

The OA 
We’re excited for this show even though Netflix hasn’t released a single detail about its plot (though it’s believed to have some mystery elements). The reason? It’s the first television offering from Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, the team behind ‘The East’ and ‘The Sound of My Voice’. Whatever the series ends up being, it’s sure to be thought-provoking, original and more-than-a-little weird.

Lady Dynamite 
Sometimes, there is justice in the world. Brilliant comedian Maria Bamford finally gets her due with this new mockumentary that’s being compared to ‘Louie’. The first season will be released later this year, and includes similarly hilarious guest stars like Sarah Silverman, Jenny Slate, June Diane Raphael and Tig Notaro.

A Series of Unfortunate Events 
This hilariously dark children’s book series is practically begging for an adaptation, but all hope seemed lost after the bungled 2004 film. Luckily, Netflix has come to the rescue with this new television series, a format that seems more appropriate for the story anyways. The show may not have Meryl Streep, but as long as it doesn’t cast a hammy Jim Carrey it should be a step up from the last go-around.