Eight Great Traditions – Hunan Cuisine at Chynna Hilton

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Eight Great Traditions – Hunan Cuisine at Chynna Hilton

Hilton Kuala Lumpur has invited guest chef Wang Cheng Chun, a veteran chef from Changsha, China, for two weeks at Chynna Hilton. With 30 years of experience, his speciality lies in Hunan cuisine, in particular the complex flavours of spices unique to the region. From May 25 to June 7, Chef Wang from Hilton Shenzhen will collaborate with Chynna executive Chinese chef – Lam Hock Hin for a Hunan culinary trail. Also known as Xiang cuisine, Hunan cuisine is usually described as spicy, but instead of Sichuan-style numbing spiciness, one should expect more refreshing zing, thanks to the liberal use of vinegar, salt and fermentation techniques in Hunan cooking. Try sautéed lamb shoulder, stewed shank in chili sauce, braised fresh beef tendon with winter bamboo, hot and sour soup, and more.

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