Kampachi Okayama Fair

Nama Gaki PonzuFresh Okayama oyster with homemade Japanese citrus vinaigretteThe oysters are huge and plump – they’re almost the size of a lemon. And they’re so fresh that all you need is a dash of the zesty citrus vinaigrette to enhance the cold crispness of the flesh.
Salmon CarpaccioThinly sliced raw salmon rolled with Okayama tomato, asparagus and yellow chives (only available in the course menu)Cubes of creamy avocado pair well with the oily salmon, while the fried garlic crisps add texture to this sublime dish, pulled together with a light drizzle of soy dressing.
Okayama Yasai Salad with Goma DressingOkayama vegetable salad with green asparagus, tomatoes, yellow chives, spaghetti squash and endive, served with sesame dressing, RM35A very textural dish that combines firm but juicy ripe tomatoes with crunchy asparagus and spaghetti squash.
Pione RM38++ These grapes are – for want of a better word – amazing. Plump and ripe, they overflow with juices so concentrated with flavours that they’re almost wine-like.

Known as the Kingdom of Fruits in Japan, the Okayama Prefecture is famous for two things – the soft and sweet white peach and the perfectly large, round and seedless Pione grapes. Little do people know that Okayama also offers a host of other superior vegetables and seafood, namely asparagus, tomatoes and oysters. This August, you can sample these fresh produce in dishes that highlight their natural tastes and textures at Kampachi. There will be an à la carte menu, and on top of that, a one-night-only fixed course menu (RM250++) at each of the three Kampachi outlets in KL. Here are some of the highlights.

Okayama Fair is happening at Kampachi all outlets, where you can also purchase the air-flown Okayama fresh produce.

By: Lim Chee Wah

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