Remedies for relaxation

Find stress relief with these at-home essentials

By Alisha Azuddin |

Take time out of your busy week to sit back and relax with these stress-relieving products at home. Light some candles around the room, splash some bath salts in a tub and throw on a face mask - your body and mind will relax and thank you for it.

Herbivore Botanicals Calm bath salts

Bath salts are a surefire way to relax after a long day. Sprinkle a handful into water, and let them infuse the water with minerals that’ll help rejuvenate the body. Herbivore Botanicals Calm bath salts have detoxifying Himalayan Pink Salt crystals, Pacific sea salts that are rich in nutrients, ylang ylang essential oil to moisturise and balance the oils in the skin, and vanilla oil that is said to provide relief from anxiety, anger and restlessness.


Wunderbath.Co bath bombs

Drop one of these bombs in your bath and you’ll be swimming in a galaxy of colours. Laced with plant oils and natural minerals, Wunderbath.Co’s bath bombs not only provide a colourful and fun bathing experience, they also help to soften skin, even out skin tone and whiten yellowish nails. Each one gives off a different aroma – Love Letter exudes scents of honeysuckle, while Stardust smells of berry mint, just to name a couple. The bombs are harmless – all handmade, ultra mild, vegan, SLS- and paraben-free.

From RM17.90


Kocostar cucumber slice mask

You can relive that pastime of laying in bed and relaxing with cucumber slices over your eyes with Kocostar cucumber slice mask. A modern update of the typical sheet mask, Kocostar’s cucumber slice mask doesn’t cover the whole face. Instead, the mask is made up of a few small circle slices that can be used on the face, as well as on your neck and arms. Place them directly on the areas that need that extra love and attention and let your skin soak in the treatment. The pack comes with 12 patches; use all at one go or store some for later.


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Muji Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Bukit Bintang

Aromatherapy can be the cure to even the most stressful of weeks. Place a few drops of your favourite essential oil into the Muji Aroma Diffuser and let the ultrasonic waves vaporise the water to release a calming fragrant mist. Adjust how long you wish the machine to run – from a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of three hours. The diffuser is illuminated by LED lights, and offers two levels of adjustable brightness.

Small, RM229; large, RM349.


Tish candles

Place some candles around the room, dim the lights, and set the mood for relaxation. Tish organic candles are vegan, not tested on animals, and Malaysian-made with pure vegetable wax and natural lead-free cotton wicks. Choose from their signature selection of scents – Black Cherry, French Vanilla, Fresh Cranberry and White Gardenia – or opt for their limited edition collection, featuring collaborations with Cuevolution and Quirky by Design.

From RM29

Sephora Collection Eye mask

Relieve your eyes from the strains of the day and place these under-eye masks on for some extra relief and rejuvenation. Sephora’s under-eye masks come in a few varieties, so you can choose the one that best targets your specific under-eye needs. For brightening and moisturising, opt for their pearl, rose or lotus eye mask; to relax and refresh, green tea is the one for you; and if you’re looking to smooth out those fine lines, their orchid eye mask will reduce the signs of wrinkles.


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