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Si Fu

Time Out says

Therapeutic foot and body treatments from the Master of Reflexology. Si Fu describes its decor as Ralph Lauren meets Chinatown. Superlatives aside, we like its simple, no-nonsense decor simply because it doesn’t take the attention away from what the place does best, which is the quality reflexology and massages.

While most massage joints prefers Thai or Indonesian masseurs (or masseuse), Si Fu’s league mainly comes from Sabah. With at least five years’ experience, these masters of reflexology have also undergone training with gurus from Taiwan, Thailand and China.

The reflexologists are able to explain the process and symptoms to you as he applies pressure to the reflex points at the bottom of your feet; just so you know which part of your body you should start paying more attention to. The back and shoulder massage is even better. The masseur works as if he’s got a grudge on the knotted muscles at your back. He won’t relent until he has loosened up your tensed back. Even the short 30 minute massage is far better than most one-hour massage we’ve had.

Though the foot reflexology is carried out in an open hall with plush leather loungers, there are still enough personal space between you and the bloke next to you who has conveniently dozed off and started snoring. The massages are held in private rooms.

It opens till late on weekend so if you plan on giving your tired feet a good rub after a night of dancing at the Telawi bars, you can just hop across the street.



Address: 16 Jalan Telawi 3, 59100
Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-1am. Fri & Sat 11am-2am.