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The wrong eating habits

Convinced you’re doing everything possible to look your best? Inger Houghton, nutritionist and personal trainer, reveals some common everyday mistakes

You starve yourself throughout the day, but overeat in the evenings
Make sure you distribute your intake of food evenly throughout the day. This will prevent you from giving in to unhealthy cravings and enable you to make smart choices.

You eat because you’re bored
Learn the difference between actually being hungry and just wanting something to eat. Ask yourself if you are really hungry before you reach for the snacks and make sure your cupboard is stacked with nutritious healthy food to minimise the risk of giving in to temptation.

You exclude one macronutrient completely without replacing it with another
While it might be true that cutting down on carbohydrates and fat are easy ways to lower your calorie intake, you cannot do both at the same time. If you are low on carbohydrates you need to include more fat in your diet; your system and mind will not work properly if you are low on both.

You drink your calories
A glass of juice, a smoothie after your lunch and several cappuccinos in between will sum up to the equivalent of a full meal. Liquids do not fill you up as much as food, but chances are they’ll leave you with the same or an even higher calorie count in the end.

You don’t eat enough
If you aren’t getting the results you want from your training, you’re probably not eating enough food. No matter if your goal is to lose weight, gain it or maintain it, you need to make sure you are hitting the sufficient intake of energy each day. Otherwise, you won’t reach your goal and you’ll feel miserable and agitated throughout the process.