Sekeping Tenggiri

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Sekeping Tenggiri

In a fashion true to the aesthetic that ties the string of Sekeping retreats together, Sekeping Tenggiri in Bangsar looks like a house that’s stagnated at the final stage of its construction – unpainted concrete and brick walls. The paintings furnishing the untreated walls and the mirror hung over the bare bathroom wall betray the illusion however; it’s not an unfinished building, it is, rather, a bold proponent of an unabashedly austere simplicity. Making all the more coherent the honest, rustic charm that Sekeping Tenggiri strives for are the timber accents and the liberal use of glass to allow an abundant amount of natural light to flood in.

Sekeping Tenggiri also houses owner and landscape architect Ng Seksan's private art collection – call for an appointment and make your way there. This secret gallery’s entrance is right in between two of Sekeping Tenggiri’s guestrooms. Inside, a stark contrast to the minimal lines of the rest of the building. Artworks flood every spare inch of the space, and the collection is vast and eclectic.


Venue name: Sekeping Tenggiri
Address: 48 Jalan Tenggiri
Taman Weng Lock
Kuala Lumpur
Price: RM220-RM330 per night
Static map showing venue location