Best educational apps for kids

Educational apps that will keep the kids amused for hours on end
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It's nearly impossible to keep the kids away from electronic devices these days, so might as well make the most of screen time with apps that will actually teach them something useful. Here we've rounded the best educational apps for kids that offer fun and knowledge at the same time. 

DragonBox Number

Perfect for budding mathematicians, DragonBox Number, comes with a set of smart blocks called ‘Nooms’ inspired by Cuisenaire Rods, mathematical learning aids in primary school classrooms. This award-winning app offers three modes of play: Sandbox for exploration, Puzzle with 250 challenges, and Ladder which has a specific number of targets. It’s designed to teach kids how to count, add and subtract without rote memorisation which is a more tangible way to learn basic math skills.

Ages 4-8. Available on iOS and Android. USD7.99 (about RM33.50).


This app tackles vocabulary, grammar and basic phrases of a host of foreign languages via adorable interactive games. Match words and phrases before the goldfish’s pond dries up, form grammatically correct sentences before the penguin slides off the ice, and feed the hungry frog with the right vocabulary.

Ages 8 and above. Available on iOS. 50 lessons, USD4.90 (about RM20); All languages pass, USD19.99 (about RM84).



This app explains science concepts – like Plants, Five Senses and more – through guided tours with colourful backdrops, cute characters and interactive lessons. For example, a narrator explains what happens when a seed is planted and invites the child to ‘tap the sun to see what happens’. Available in ten languages, the app also has a feature for hearing-impaired children where the narration is available with closed captions.

Ages 3-6. Available on iOS. USD1.99 (about RM8).

Artie’s Magic Pencil

This interactive learning adventure features little Artie, whose world is threatened by a monster intent on destruction. Kids will use a magic pencil to draw basic shapes by tracing and connecting dots to create simple objects like houses and vehicles to help Artie rebuild the city. The game is colourful, boasts a cast of adorable characters, is educational, and best of all will keep little minds and hands engaged.

Ages 3-6. Available on iOS and Android. USD2.99 (about RM12.50).

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