Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer (KLYS)

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Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer (KLYS)

Football is one of the most popular games globally both as a spectator sport and to play. While parents may envision the second coming of Pelé when they see Junior dribble (the ball), it’s a highly competitive field and playing for a team or club requires determination and discipline. There are many football training centres around but if you want to take it seriously, your kid will have to join a club which trains to take part in tournaments. This is a high-performance football academy for boys aged six to 19 with a good mix of kids from local and international schools. Training is taken seriously and the club is known for participating at the annual Gothia Cup in Sweden (World Youth Cup), one of the most competitive youth tournaments on the football sporting calendar. KLYS is also active in local and regional tournaments, justifying the thrice weekly training schedule; and there have been kids who have ended playing on a state and club level. And, yes there’s a girls team too that regularly compete.


Venue name: Kuala Lumpur Youth Soccer (KLYS)
Kuala Lumpur

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