Azmyl Yunor & The Sigarettes: Album launch

Azmyl Yunor & The Sigarettes: Album launch

You’ve heard of Azmyl Yunor’s heartfelt acoustic performances, but have you fancied watching him rock a Fender Telecaster in a band? If the answer is yes, then the soulful singer-songwriter’s pick-up group is right up your alley. The Sigarettes, which include AIM-award winning pianist Shanon Shah, specialise in fast-paced sing-along tracks that are a world apart from his solo folk tunes. When flanked by the Sigarettes, Azmyl morphs into the fearless frontman of an energetic rock and roll band that belts out anthem after anthem with glee.

The eagerly anticipated ‘Wilayah’, a record that took the flamboyant outfit five years to churn out, is the main attraction at this release party, but there are other musical offerings to look forward to as well. The list of guest musicians on show includes the gentle folk-pop of Liyana Fizi, the dreamy twee-pop of Ferns and the raw folk-blues of Sharidir, who have all recently released new albums that have been well received locally. Wong Boon Ken

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