Ferns & OJ Law: Double Album Launch

Ferns & OJ Law: Double Album Launch

Music cognoscenti have labelled current records as overly ‘sanitised’. Songs are so well-produced nowadays that they lack spontaneity. But indiepop band Ferns seem to have dodged this persecution. This pop song writing machine has a knack for producing dreamy music that mends young broken hearts. No wonder they earned a spot on ‘Rolling Stone’s 25 Best Bands on Myspace’.

Sharing the same spirit for classic pop songwriting is OJ Law, a musician so adroit at writing, recording and producing music that he puts full bands to shame. Not familiar with his songs? Does this ring a bell? ‘But in this life, we might not know where we’re going, we try to say the words they want to hear …’ Yes, it’s the song ‘Yonlu’ from our local film ‘Relationship Status’.

This showcase at The Bee will promote Ferns’ second album ‘Fairweather Friends’ and OJ Law’s third album ‘Yesterday Is A Distant Dream’. Opening the show are local musicians Liyana Fizi, Kuching shoegazers Love/Comes and fledgling folk-pop trio The Impatient Sisters. DJ Ribut 10:59 (of Twilight Actiongirl) will be providing a selection of indie cuts too. Kong Wai Yeng

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