FEYST'13: Meet the Makers

FEYST'13: Meet the Makers

The Indie Youth Fest is back with music acts and performances, talks, workshops and more this year. Each day, different performers will take the stage. For the earlier part of the day, performances will be held at The Square, Publika while later performances like Feyst Acoustic and Rockfeyst will be held at Paradiso Lounge. Local acts in the FEYST lineup include Amrita Soon, Halfway Kings, Pnormal, Syamee Shamsul and many more. If you want to give performing a shot, come out for their Doppelganger World Open Mic on Nov 10. There will also be a preloved bazaar (Thrift Tea Party Bazaar) and a forum on how to promote your band.

Closing the festival will be a live acoustic showcase at No Black Tie featuring established and upcoming acts Az Samad, Froya, Fazz (pictured), Halfway Kings, Ministry of Blunk and Epy & Ardiv. This finale performance will also be recorded live and produced into a compilation CD.

Event website: http://www.feyst.com
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