Five things you didn’t know about... Chvrches

Multi-instrumentalist Martin Doherty dishes out five little-known facts about the band

From left to right: Martin Doherty, Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook

It’s been two years since Glasgow synth-pop trio Chvrches exploded on the Internet with ‘Lies’, a mammoth track that kicked off the rise of the curiously named band’s career. On the road to graduating from a much-hyped act online to a much-hyped act, full stop, they’ve released debut album ‘The Bones of What You Believe’ last September to critical acclaim, played Coachella, SXSW and T in the Park, and have been on an almost non-stop tour around the globe. We got hold of multi-instrumentalist Martin Doherty ahead of the outfit’s Urbanscapes show this month to dish out five little-known facts about their music, as well as what we can expect from their KL debut appearance.

The band is working on new material.
‘We’re working on a couple of new songs. The new songs we’ve been writing are maybe not for a new album; we’re just happy to be working again on new music. We’re not the kind of people that put a time frame on releasing a new album because it doesn’t feel right; we’re not the kind of people that would allow ourselves to feel that pressure in the studio.’

‘Tether’ almost didn’t make the cut into the album.

‘That was a song that we’d worked on early on, that we’d kind of forgotten about in the studio, but it wasn’t until the very end of the session that we were like, “No, we have to go back.” We did, and it ended up being our favourite track on the album. We think it’s the best one.’
They’re excited about playing in Malaysia.
‘I cannot explain the feeling that someone, anyone might be interested in our band. We’ve never had a real grasp about what’s going on with where you guys are. When I heard that we had a chance to go there, my first thought was that it’s amazing, the very fact that your music can reach so far, or that it can take you so far away from home.’

They take live shows very seriously.
‘You can expect a lot of energy, maybe even a couple of new songs. I mean, we put a lot of effort into our shows; it’s something that we take very seriously. We’re not the type of characters that just, you know, play something on our computers – that’s not really what we’re about. We all come from live music backgrounds, so we put everything we have into our shows.’

Listening to Katy Perry as a (non) pre-show ritual.

‘This is something that comes up quite a lot, but I’m very sorry to say that we’re actually really boring; we don’t really have a pre-show ritual. If it’s a big show, then maybe there’ll be some conversation – we’ll have some fun, listen to some music, maybe Katy Perry.’