KL International Music & Light Festival 2012

KL International Music & Light Festival 2012

The World Gas Conference is gracing our city with its presence, and the local organisers have gone all out to make it one the delegates won’t forget. The famous KLCC fountain has been out of commission for the last three months, and that’s because it’s been fitted with all manner of new nozzles, sprays and water trays to create a more dynamic display. Combined with LED lights, and live musical performances, the shiny new fountain will take centre stage in a light, water and music show every night this week. It’s absolutely free, and will make for some great Instagrams. There are nine musical groups scheduled to perform over the week including local favourites and some international talents.

June 4
Aubrey Suwito & Friends
Mdungu (from Amsterdam)

June 5
Aseana Percussion Unit

June 6
Amir Yussof Acoustic Project
Geng Wak Long

June 7
Aubrey Suwito & Friends
Easternox (from Korea)
Saharadja (from Bali)

June 8
Tuku’ Kame’ (from Sarawak)
Aseana Percussion Unit

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