Scale: Game Face

Scale: Game Face

Contrary to what some people may tell you, size sometimes does matter. In the case of Scale, a new, cute theme-based gig series making the rounds locally featuring established local music personalities attempting their tracks using alternate instruments, smaller appears to be better. But according to Grace Chin, the main brain behind the show, ‘I’m not trying to make a statement about size, or about the musicality of small instruments.’ Although she goes on to add, ‘But mini music instruments are just so damn cute, portable, and taken really seriously by some. It’s not that difficult to learn, and can be very fun.’

She’s right as the series does offer a lot more than just cute instruments. For one thing, there are also the silly irreverent themes that they’ve sported, with April’s edition celebrating naivety (‘Wisdom of the Fools’) and May being a Teachers’ Day special (‘What Your Teacher Never Told You’). That leads us squarely to the upcoming June edition of Scale which is titled ‘Game Face’ and aims to celebrate game/sportsinspired tunes. It features amongst others sound-designer and composer Ng Chor Guan who will be performing using his foldable bicycle (‘Think whirring, clicking and ringing,’ Chin says) and conducting a mobile phone orchestra; DD Chiptunes, an 8-bit chiptune duo; and local singer/ songwriter Paolo Delfino delivering his tunes with a band on iPads and phones. (‘They will also be dressed in football jerseys and bare hairless legs,’ adds Chin). As you can see, it promises to be anything but an ordinary night. Adrian Yap CK

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