Urbanscapes Satellite Show

Urbanscapes Satellite Show

Before November’s hotly anticipated Urbanscapes comes to pass, there’s the little matter of a Mew and Explosions in the Sky double bill. The first of two Urbanscapes 2013 Satellite Show specials, which feature bands that are unable to grace the creative arts festival proper, sees Danish indie-rock luminaries Mew and American instrumental post-rock gurus Explosions in the Sky performing back-to-back on the KL Live stage.

Mew emerged from the fledging Danish indie scene in the mid-’90s to gain prominence with 2003’s major label debut ‘Frengers’. Boasting elements of art-rock and latterly progressive rock, the trio is responsible for sleeper hits like ‘Comforting Sounds’.

Formed in 1999, Explosions in the Sky have received critical acclaim over the years for their cinematic, expansive guitar play and intricate symphony-like compositions. The Texas four-piece has continued to enthral fans since 2000 debut record ‘How Strange, Innocence’, with noteworthy work scoring the ‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘Prince Avalanche’ soundtracks. Two bands with proven track records of sublime live shows, this Mew-Explosions in the Sky gig promises to be a worthy precursor to Urbanscapes. Wong Boon Ken

You can also catch Canadian indie-rock giants Metric at Urbanscapes Satellite Show #2, Dec 3.

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