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Explore art with artiKARYA


Malaysia’s vibrant art scene is filled with a multitude of local artistic talent. But without the proper guidance or platform to showcase their works, the talents of these artists can be limited to the artistic community and circle. This is where a contemporary joint project by Yayasan Hasanah and Giclee Art comes in.

Yayasan Hasanah and Giclee Art have teamed up to launch the Talent Development & Art Reproduction for Emerging Artists in Malaysia programme. This artist incubation and art reproduction programme aims to mentor up-and-coming local talents and provide them with a platform to commercialise their work.

The programme’s pilot sees 15 local artists across various mediums mentored over a period of a year by renowned experts in their respective fields. Through the programme, works by these artists will also be reproduced into high quality digital prints, marked with ISBN numbers and royalty managed, which enables them to be sold.

In line with the programme, Hasanah and Giclee Art have also launched a website, artiKARYA for the artists to showcase and sell digital prints of their pieces. It also acts as a virtual gallery to increase awareness and interest of our country’s art scene, as well as an archive of the artists’ works.

Charis Loke and her works at the 'artiKARYA' exhibition

To celebrate the launch of the programme, the pilot’s 15 artists are currently showcasing their works in a group exhibition titled ‘artiKARYA’ at Ilford Galerie. Some of the highlights include delicate illustrations by Venie Tee, fantastical illustrations by Charis Loke, fun collages by Valery Koh, and a series of time-lapse photos by Hasnul Hassan that culminated into a stunning end product.

Check out the artists’ profiles and works on artiKARYA’s website.