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ILHAM Gallery presents Fracture/Fiction: Selections from the ILHAM Collection

Written by
Celestine Foo
Take a look at the inventive ways modern artists respond to today’s social issues and matters. The exhibition showcases 93 pieces of contemporary art by 45 artists from Southeast Asia as well as South Asia. Titled Fracture/Fiction, this exhibition addresses the fractures we face in our society.

ILHAM Gallery presents Fracture/Fiction

At the exhibition, visitors will see an array of installations, paintings, photographs and many more. Each piece tells a story and the descriptions on the walls explain the significance behind each artwork. The curated works covers topics that range from socio-politics, historical and personal stories interpreted by the artists. Many of the pieces are created using ordinary subject matters and transformed into unexpected pieces of art by sheer imagination and creativity. Take note that some of the works are unique and surprising, with juxtapositions of beauty and horror that create jarring images.

ILHAM Gallery

These works of art from around the region aims to open a window for Malaysians to be part of a larger art collective and to be able to participate in regional conversations, which in turn, help improve the local art scene. Among the artists featured are Anju Dodiya, Chun Kai Feng, Reena Saini Kallat, Yee I-Lann, and many more.

The exhibition is open from Monday-Saturday, 11am-7pm and on Sunday from 11am-5pm. Admission, free. For more information, visit Ilham Gallery’s website and Facebook
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