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Save The Bees with Four Seasons KL

Bar Trigona

Bar Trigona at Four Season Kuala Lumpur is leading this newly launched programme where guests can adopt their own personal beehive with an annual contribution of RM 500 and the beehives will be installed at the Dino’s Kelulut Organic Farm in Negeri Sembilan. A fun fact is that bar is named after the stingless Trigona honeybee, which lives in the tropical jungles of Malaysia and produces some of the world’s most sought-after honey.

 The bar sources its own honey in small batches from Malaysian farmers. Head Bartender Ashish Sharma notes, “Buying local honey is a great way to support healthy hives and precious biodiversity. In fact, we take this hyper-local approach to our entire menu – many of our standout ingredients come from small farms in Malaysia.” Responsible for pollinating 80 percent of the world’s fruits and vegetables, these industrious workers play a vital role in the food supply chain.

Patrons will receive six jars of artisanal Trigona honey (worth over RM 1,000 at market price), harvested from their very own hive, along with a small bottle of bee propolis, prized for its healing properties. They will also get a personalised adoption certificate, invitations to special events, a 10 percent discount at the bar and quarterly updates on how their bees are progressing. Four Seasons will also organise a group trip to the farm for those who are interested in meeting their hive and the farmers. 

The contributions will go towards preserving safe habitats for honeybees, promoting natural beekeeping methods and training young farmers to support the future of this crucial industry. In efforts to save these endangered bees, cocktail connoisseurs are invited to join the movement to protect these tiny, incredible creatures. 

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