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The Singleton Social Celebrates Good Quality Whisky with Sharing Platters Over Casual Get Together


There’s always a reason to meet your favourite friends and closest relatives. And Singleton whisky is encouraging more of that with The Singleton Social.

The team at The Singleton of Glen Ord brought guests on a special journey across various gastrobars in the Klang Valley namely Powerplant, #MiyagiSays and LAVO to experience the quality of The Singleton whisky when paired with curated sharing platters.

Rajesh Joshi, Marketing Director of Diageo Malaysia says of the event “Be it a simple meet-up after work hours or a casual get-together on the weekends, The Singleton Social celebrates these moments with people close to heart. The combination of Singleton and uniquely curated sharing platters will pose a newfound experience to our consumers, delivering the greatest in taste and quality, brought to you by Malaysia’s No. 1 single malt whisky”.

The sharing platters which consumers can indulge in, features different types of food from meats to sides, a different selection from each outlet. The platters were specially curated to pair and complement the richness and smoothness of The Singleton single malt whisky.

Singleton The Social

Singleton carries notes of cherries and apples on the nose; dried summer fruits, rich raisins and apricots flavour on the palate, finished with a smooth and rich chocolate taste. The Scottish whisky will invoke senses with its rich and smooth flavours.

Singleton The Social

The team also introduced the Singleton Scotch Mist, a mist that brings a fresh aroma to the rim of a whisky glass. With subtle flavours like Tropical, Orchard, Snug and Riverside, guests were treated to uncover the fruity taste notes, giving a fresh twist to the classic whisky.

Head to Powerplant Malaysia, #Miyagisays, and LAVO for the finest selection of Singleton and uniquely crafted sharing platters from now to January 2020.

Find out more about The Singleton Social promotions here or visit their Facebook page here

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