DNB XTRA featuring LTJ Bukem

LTJ Bukem

DNB XTRA, Loops Collective’s long-standing night of drum and bass, continues dishing out wicked beats and loops with its latest edition featuring UK-based exponent LTJ Bukem. Born Danny Williamson, LTJ Bukem has often been credited over the years for being singlehandedly responsible for developing the more soulful side of the genre. Often dubbed ‘Intelligent Drum and Bass’ (a term the artist himself disregards), it fuses elements of jazz, hip hop and electro into an eclectic mishmash that is uniquely his own. As is the case with all DJs worth their salt, LTJ Bukem is the pioneer of a record label; not just any label, but the now-seminal Good Looking Records. In 2000, he released his debut ‘Journey Inwards’, among the multitude of production work he has done for other artists and EPs he’s released himself, leading up to his last record, 2009’s ‘Fabriclive.46’. The rest, they say, is drum and bass history.

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