DNB Xtra featuring Utah Jazz

DNB Xtra featuring Utah Jazz

First things first, Utah Jazz bears no relation to the NBA team of the same name. Born Luke Wilson, the UK producer randomly adopted the name from the US basketball team to show his fondness for the mid ’90s ‘Jazz Jungle’ sound – a cross between jungle and atmospheric sounds.

Jazz translated that preference into his music and is now arguably the leading figure responsible for some of the finest liquid-funk in drum & bass history. With his sleek, unique, handcrafted flavours, Jazz has garnered a global army of devotees.

In 2008, his debut album ‘It’s a Jazz Thing’ received worldwide critical and commercial acclaim, followed by another album ‘Vintage’ in 2010.

Now Jazz has launched his third album ‘Groove Therapy’, which he has proudly proclaimed to be his most ambitious album to date. Fans will definitely be getting a taste of his new album in this giddy, bass-loaded party. Ian Loh

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