Clubs Pudu

Located in a business centre in Pudu, Esperance has five different sections. ESP is a dance club that fits 700 pax, and it sports some cool lights and a quality sound system. If you want to chill out over drinks and conversation, you can go to Vanguard, which features a cosy lounge with classy decor.

Another space to party is In-Touch; decorated with huge gears, capsules and autoclaves, it comes off a lot like the interior of a spaceship – definitely a place to boogie and let loose. For dining, head to Hubble, a restaurant located on the first floor where Japanese and Italian cuisine is served, along with a wide range of wines, cocktails and beers. The ambience is relaxing with a wide-angle view of the streets outside. The ground-floor veranda is where you’ll find Al-Fresco; this garden setting is perfect for lovers of beer, wine and cigars.

Parking lots are spacious if you’re heading to Esperance by car, with a valet service option available to ensure a safe night out. Also, the resident DJs at Esperance are DJ Kenji, DJ Blanc and DJ Alex.

By: Syaza Pauzi


Venue name: Esperance
Address: Fraser Business Park
Jalan Metro Pudu
Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 5.30pm till late
Static map showing venue location