Fired Up Fridays presents Andy Moor

Fired Up Fridays presents Andy Moor

Zouk’s weekend queues aren’t enviable spots to find yourself in, but make an exception for their special event this month, which features Grammy-award nominated Andy Moor.

Moor will be painting our town red with his own brand of trance and progressive tunes come Jan 6. This is the third time the veteran DJ is hitting the decks at Zouk (third time’s the charm, right?), and his style of music has matured over the years into a wonderful and extremely funky melting pot of atmospheric, uplifting trance.

As a groundbreaking DJ and producer in the electronic dance music scene, Moor has his own set of accolades. Just last year, for instance, he rocked the industry with his production ‘She Moves’, featuring the vocals of Carrie Skipper – a track that struck chords with fans and critics alike. Also, he’s had the honour of remixing tracks by big names like Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, Tiësto, Delerium, Paul Oakenfold, and many more. If you dig these artists, let this hardworking DJ put you in a trance with his nifty fingerwork. Should be a nice party at which to spend your first Friday of the year. Ian Loh

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