Fired up Fridays presents Heatbeat

Fired up Fridays presents Heatbeat

Heatbeat’s tracks are very accessible even if you aren’t already a fan. Heatbeat has undeniable trance roots but their true strength lies in malleability. You can clearly hear hints of electro despite what they are known to play. The diverse Argentinean duo, Agustin Servente and Matias Faint, create uplifting, futuristic sounds without being overly distilled. You won’t hear the typically dazed and unearthly trance from them. They are known to use mashups and bootlegs to give their tracks a gutsy edge while remaining current.

Heatbeat has gone global – their schedule is packed with touring dates, having performed in Australia, Canada, Europe and Russia for the world’s biggest brands including A State of Trance, Godskitchen and The Gallery. This huge popularity put them in DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs at number 81 in 2002. The pinnacle of their career, as we see it, is recognition by big guns Armin van Buuren and Richard Durand, who have personally asked for remixes from and collaborations with them. There’s more to come. They have plans to launch their debut album this year alongside collaborations with other big names in EDM. These boys have sparked up demand. We will have to wait for the unveiling of their record. Jay Chooi

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