H3AVY presents Boss Fight featuring Xilent

H3AVY presents Boss Fight featuring Xilent

Eryk Kowalczyk, also known as Xilent, is most well known for his hit video, ‘Boss Wave’, which features him controlling a ‘Portal 2’ type robot fighting UFOs and aliens throughout a city. If not for his infamous dubstep, watch it for the CGI – the video was viewed over 2 million times. It’ll be a good precursor to the night, where you can expect some golden-age-of-the-arcade nostalgia.

While Xilent’s sound is characteristically dubstep, he does tamer electro mixes of some of his tracks. His signature futuristic trips are so deep-seated that sashaying across genres does nothing to take away his style. We’d say the Propellerhead Rebirth RM-338 synthesiser set that was introduced to him at the age of nine is to blame for this. Since then, his influences have been wide and varied, from techno to drum and bass.

Currently, Xilent is signed to AudioPorn Records, and has just released two EPs (‘Choose Me’ and ‘Skyward’) and two singles to go with. Last year saw the launch of his ‘Ultrafunk’ EP with four original tracks. Jay Chooi

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