Hoot presents Secret Cinema

Hoot presents Secret Cinema

Jeroen Verheij, otherwise known as Secret Cinema, has been making techno music for more than 20 years. And the Dutch veteran is still churning out great tunes time after time.

Jeroen first started producing music under the moniker ‘Meng Syndicate’ in the ’90s. His first hit ‘Sonar System’ is a rave classic. At that point, ‘Secret Cinema’ was born, with the idea to showcase Jeroen’s more refined side as a producer. The first track he released under this alias was megahit ‘Timeless Altitude’. Since then Jeroen has produced more decent techno tunes including ‘Mary Go Wild’, ‘Shake Your Tech Ass’ and ‘Kurzweil’.

When Jeroen isn’t in the studio, he’s seen playing festivals around the world – he’s even had the honour of closing the Awakenings Festival in Holland. Then in the late 2000s, he went on to establish his own brand for music: Gem, including a record label, events and a bookings agency. He also brought in new talents such as Egbert, Peter Horrevorts and Roger Martinez, and collaborated with artists like Ramon Tapia, Psycatron, Christian Smith and Slam. His set in Zouk this month will be a treat for all classic techno fans. Watch local DJs Xu and Shazz supporting on set. Ian Loh

Event phone: 03 2171 1997
Event website: http://www.zoukclub.com.my
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