Laundry Bar NYE Party

Laundry Bar NYE Party

Those who live out in the ’burbs will be pleased to know that ushering in the New Year doesn’t have to entail a trudging journey to the city centre – Laundry Bar is putting on their own night and they’ve got a line-up that includes folks like H3, Jason, Vin & Elvn. The headliner, however, is AC Slater and he should be reason enough for KL folk to consider making the reverse journey to PJ to celebrate.

Listen to mixes on the DJ’s website ( and you’ll agree. Thumping beats and clever mixes, it all started for the Brooklyn-based DJ with – what else – a mixtape, in a small town in West Virginia to be precise when a 14-year-old AC Slater started rummaging through his dad’s collection and made his own on a TDK D-C60. Sound like the plot of a teenage show? That may just be the name AC Slater (Mario Lopez played this character in ‘Saved by the Bell’ and the DJ’s real name is Aaron Clevenger).

AC Slater’s twisted electro and dance-driven beats will set the stage – two of them to be precise, as Laundry Bar have an indoor and outdoor one for the night. If it’s anything like last year’s party, it’s going to be back-to-back beats and a rocking party. Between 1,000 to 1,500 people expected and tables can be booked ahead.

Event phone: 03 7728 1715
Event website: