Lollipop at Mist

Lollipop at Mist

Many revellers have been seen grinding, shaking their booties, or attempting to emulate dance routines seen in hip hop music videos. Some even dared break a move on the table top adjoining the DJ console area – all thanks to Lollipop’s resident DJs Voize, Funkzu and Monkey, whose raw remixes of hip hop tracks are backed by live emcee Terry T who gets into the act of rhyming and rapping on the microphone.

DJ Voize has studied under several mentors including the renowned DJ Fuzz, and having earned their respect, Voize was given the chance to helm the consoles at a recent event held recently for a particular royal family and their high society friends. DJ Monkey (aka Calvin Yaw), on the other hand, has three years’ experience and specialises in the art of turn-tabling. ‘I have a penchant for retro, old-skoolstyle rhythms,’ says the 21-year-old lad, who was one of the eight finalists at the coveted DMC Championship Malaysian Finals 2008.

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