LOUD! presents Nari & Milani

LOUD! presents Nari & Milani

The Italian power duo returns to Zouk this month. Since the last time we saw them (December 2012), Nari and Milani have been busy playing in clubs and festivals around the world. Needless to say, they have established themselves as producers renowned for their specific brand of electronic house.

You might be familiar with their hit ‘Atom’ or their club bombshell ‘Kendo’. But more recently, the duo has teamed up with Tiësto and Delayers in the chart-topping hit 'Move to the Rhythm'. The track is said to be composed with a slew of house, progressive house, trance and techno music – a true testament to the versatility of these DJs. And with the help of local DJs Goldfish, Blink and Hypeembeats, the duo is set to shake up the dance floor tonight. Ian Loh

Event phone: 03 2171 1997
Event website: http://zoukclub.com.my
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