Manufactured Superstars at Vertigo

Manufactured Superstars at Vertigo

Brad Roulier and Shawn Sabo are the duo behind American EDM group Manufactured Superstars, which dish out an exciting blend of house, dance, electro and pop in a pleasing open format style. The two founding members of music download site Beatport, who recently collaborated with Paris Hilton on ‘Drunk Text’, are a rare breed of DJs, with a heavy emphasis on showmanship and visual effects.

Clad in their signature matching crimson or white NASA spacesuits, Roulier and Sabo are experts in bringing the house down with energetic sets and exhilarating beats. Fans may also be treated to the cameo appearance of a lifesized dancing teddy bear, who acts as the Denver-bred production outfit’s MC. While their modus operandi may sound outlandish, Manufactured Superstars are here to provide a rollicking dance party atmosphere. Wong Boon Ken

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