Ohrwurm presents Dosem

Ohrwurm presents Dosem

It began in 2008, when Dosem signed on to Hong Kong label Sino with club hit ‘Silent Drop’. Along with the re-launch of his classic track ‘Beach Kisses’, the Spaniard very quickly had two worldwide hits under his belt. His debut double album ‘Parallel’ released in 2011 to critical acclaim, largely thanks to swelling synths and swirls of interludes. He followed that up with 2013’s ‘Origin’ on Tronic – the mostly techno tracks flirted with detailed, futuristic themes, defining a new sound that both breached big room and made it danceable and down to earth. Fast forward to the present day: ‘City Cuts’, his third full-length album released last September, was developed like a well-played DJ set potent with house flavours. In his hands, dance floor tension becomes something quite tangible. Supporting acts include Alam, Callen, Funkayrol and DJK.

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