Superduperliquid at Werner's

Superduperliquid at Werner's

Superduperliquid has earned its niche in the local clubbing scene by promoting drum ‘n bass – a genre that’s seldom featured locally. In fact, it’s ‘the only weekly drum ‘n bass gig available in Malaysia,’ says DJ Low from Loops Collective, the event organiser. Featuring resident DJs Low and Nujita (who together have more than 25 years of DJ-ing experience), the showcase is known for featuring highly energetic music, and is ideal for dancing.

Low is fond of remixing tracks in the drum ‘n bass and jungle genres on the fly to suit the crowd’s mood. ‘Whether I’m the opening or closing act will also determine my showmanship and music styles. Sometimes, I’ll even perform unreleased tracks that are produced by my friends, such as those produced by DJ Makoto from Japan, who specialises in drum ‘n bass music and has hit it big on the international clubbing scene,’ he says. DJ Nujita, on the other hand, refers to his music as ‘deep, liquid and soulful sounds’. Nujita adds, ‘It’ll motivate you to jump  and dance non-stop. And it’s not recommended but you can do the “shuffling” dance move, if you want. Hey, whatever it takes to get you off.’ Tan Hee Hui

Event phone: 03 2142 5670
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