Tune feat. Alle Farben with Sevtech & Obadius

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Tune feat. Alle Farben with Sevtech & Obadius

Alle Farben is German for ‘all colours’ – a fitting moniker for Berlinborn DJ and producer Frans Zimmer, whose debut album ‘Synesthesia – I Think in Colours’ was an airy, colourful musical journey, a nearperfect union of the senses. For it didn’t matter if one could smell a sound, taste a note or indeed, think in colours, synesthesia was something he evoked in over 30,000 people at the former Tempelhof Airport in Berlin where he first hit national breakthrough in 2012. Easy on the ears, Alle Farben makes minimal tech house music that is, at first listen, mostly melancholic – but that which ultimately lifts you with breathy vocals and loose beats floating in the foreground. Take for example ‘She Moves (Far Away)’ featuring Graham Candy – a cheerful, made-for summer track that yearns for ‘a place with marmalade skies / a paradise without day and without night’. Sevtech from Switzerland and KL-based Obadius are supporting acts.

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