Madame Waffle

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 (Photo: Hizwan Hamid)
Photo: Hizwan Hamid
 (Photo: Hizwan Hamid)
Photo: Hizwan HamidBanana nutella.
 (Photo: Hizwan Hamid)
Photo: Hizwan HamidOriginal, honey and dark chocolate waffles.
 (Photo: Hizwan Hamid)
Photo: Hizwan HamidJapanese matcha latte.

Located on the mezzanine floor above GSC Mid Valley, Madame Waffle is the latest waffle joint to hit our city, serving up Liège waffles with a Japanese twist (their waffles are softer and fluffier than traditional crispy-chewy Liège waffles, which they claim is a result of the Japanese flour used). The quick-service café may have limited seating, but if you can secure a spot, dine in to have your waffle dressed up with a scoop of gelato on the side (they get their gelato from Gelatomio) with toppings. There are four dine-in options to choose from priced at RM16 each, but when in doubt, get the banana Nutella, or go Japanese with the Signature green tea (green tea waffle with matcha gelato, strawberries and whipped cream with azuki beans). Waffles are also available individually at RM6.90 per piece, with flavours like Belgian dark chocolate, Original, honey and cinnamon to name a few.

As for drinks, Madame Waffle offers their own specialty house blend coffee roasted by Espresso Sporting Club Coffee Roasters, while non-coffee drinkers can choose from a variety of Japanese green tea drinks both hot and cold like azuki matcha latte and iced matcha strawberry. For the time being, Madame Waffle is very much a place for dessert, but look out for savoury waffles coming soon, as well as the addition of limited time-only flavours each month.


Venue name: Madame Waffle
Address: Level 3
Mid Valley Megamall
Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Daily, 10am-10pm
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