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Ming Kee Teluk Intan Zhu Chang Fen stall

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  • Sri Petaling
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Ming Kee Teluk Intan Zhu Chang Fen chee cheong fun stall
Photo: Stacy Liu

Time Out says

Commonly known as Anson (Teluk Intan was also known as Teluk Anson) chee cheong fun, this particular variety has a brownish mottled appearance due to the pickled sweet turnip and dried shrimp in it. Don’t be fooled by its appearance though. This humble chee cheong fun is soft and slightly chewier than its counterparts, all thanks to the choi pou and shrimp, which add flavour and texture. According to Alvin, who mans the Ming Kee Teluk Intan Zhu Chang Fen stall at the Sri Petaling night market, the pickled sweet turnips and chee cheong fun here are all homemade. Rice flour batter is steamed twice: First for it to set slightly, and then again after choi pou and dried shrimp are generously distributed on to it, before being rolled into plump chee cheong fun rolls. The original version in Teluk Intan is usually served with light soy sauce and pickled green chillies, but this version at the Sri Petaling night market is served with homemade sambal belacan and sesame seeds.

Written by
Joyce Koh


Jalan Radin Anum 4
Kuala Lumpur
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