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Teochew fried porridge
Photo: Stacy Liu Teochew fried porridge

Time Out says

To avoid confusion, first things first: ‘Teochew porridge’ and ‘Fried porridge’ sound strikingly similar in Mandarin. This particular dish came about when Mr Lin first moved from Kedah to Klang and found work as a chef a decade ago. His then-boss asked him to add a porridge dish to the menu to compete with the neighbouring Teochew porridge restaurant. In the porridge family, Teochew-style porridge is the plainest of them all – served kosong with a side of pickled veggies. In order not to become direct competitors with the neighbour restaurant, Mr Lin came up with the idea of frying porridge instead. Hence, the creation of Teochew fried porridge. Besides its namesake dish, Restoran Bubur Goreng also serves hokkien mee, crab noodles and other seafood dishes that can be ordered prior to your visit.



Address: 32-34 Lorong Lang
Taman Berkeley
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 5.30pm-1.30am