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Seraph Awaken

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  • Klang
  1. Photo: Joyce Koh
    Photo: Joyce Koh
  2. Photo: Joyce Koh
    Photo: Joyce Koh

    Hibiscus Coffee (RM13)
    Seraph Awaken is also known as Hibiscus Coffee, probably because that’s what Cheau See would recommend to every newcomer to the café. What it is: An Ethiopian Sidamo Red Cherry brew paired with faintly pink ice cubes made from hibiscus tea, a touch that brings out the floral notes in the coffee.

  3. Photo: Joyce Koh
    Photo: Joyce Koh

    Osmanthus green tea (RM10 per pot)
    Using loose leaf tea from T2 and home-dried flowers, this particular blend from Seraph Awaken is a delicate balance of sencha and sweet-scented osmanthus blooms.

  4. Photo: Joyce Koh
    Photo: Joyce Koh

    Pandan chiffon cake (RM3 per slice)
    Exclusively supplied by a traditional bakery, the pandan chiffon cake here is what every pandan chiffon cake should be – fluffy yet firm, and most importantly, infused with a gentle pandan fragrance. Also, check out the beautiful plates from Poland, Japan and Sri Lanka.

  5. Photo: Joyce Koh
    Photo: Joyce Koh
  6. Photo: Joyce Koh
    Photo: Joyce Koh
  7. Photo: Joyce Koh
    Photo: Joyce Koh

Time Out says

After a year of selling coffee in a roadside-setup (alongside fruit sellers and pasembur food trucks), husband-and-wife team Cheau See and Chun Hoong finally have a place to call their own. Seraph Awaken is located on a quiet side street in Klang, a two-minute walk from the Klang KTM station. Taking over Wah Yuen (an 87-year old kopitiam), Seraph Awaken serves mainly coffee – siphon brews (Tanzania Kilimanjaro, Guatemala Antigua blend), lattes, their signature hibiscus coffee – in addition to flower teas and hot chocolate made with locally-sourced cocoa.

Guests familiar with their roadside days would recognise the small yellow stove used to boil water for meticulous hand brews. A tabletop lined with jars of coffee beans (they also roast and supply to other cafés) where the beans are carefully measured, ground and brewed to order serves as the focus of the café. Old wooden chairs, tables printed with faded world maps and rattan recliners (inherited from the previous owner) all come together on the pretty grey-green floor tiles. Forget vintage, this is the real deal.


28 Jalan Stesen 1
Opening hours:
Mon;Thurs-Fri, 12pm-7pm; Sat-Sun, 10am-6pm; Closed on Tues-Wed
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