Christmas gift guide: For kids

What’s your kid’s toy type? Get the right gift for them in our guide
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Christmas is around the corner, which means it’s time to hit the shops. Feeling bamboozled? We’ve put together a gift guide for different kinds of kids.

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Gift guide for kids
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The Creative Soul

When really young, they draw on walls – not because they’re naughty, but out of a natural urge to express themselves with technicolour crayons.

1. Hamleys, Lovley Nailtastic funky nail polish, RM125 (top left)
2. Carousel, colour washable graffiti plush elephant, RM 99.90 (bottom left)
3. Aino Living, Hape All-in-1 art easel, RM299 (right)

Gift guide for kids
Photo: Shawn Lor/PixelPix

The Sporty Kid

This born sportsman (or woman) is the one with the highest energy levels. Keep them from bouncing off the walls with distractions such as outdoorsy gear and sporting equipment.

1. Carousel, Mahina MerFins, RM440 (top right)
2. Carousel, Little Riders Tiger helmet, RM158
3. Sports Direct, No Fear 28-inch skateboard, RM49

Gift guide for kids
Photo: Shawn Lor/PixelPix

The Wild Child

The Wild Child is chaotic to the core. Let them fight their own battles with blaster guns or live life on the edge sleeping in the mouth of a shark (sleeping bag of course!).

1. Petit Tots, SACO Baby Bites coral sleeping bag, RM630 (top centre)
2. Universal Fitness & Leisure, Puddle Jumper 3D in Orca and Octopus, RM139 (bottom left)
3. Hamleys, Speed Blaster gun, RM104.90 (bottom right)

Gift guide for kids
Photo: Shawn Lor/PixelPix

The Geeky Kid

Geeky Kids love to use their minds. They are happiest when working out puzzles, learning new facts, or endlessly asking ‘Why?’

1. Petit Tots, Uncle Goose Classic ABC blocks, RM168 (left)
2. Petit Tots, separate Uncle Goose Wagon, RM72 (left)
3. Janie & Joe, talking globe, RM849 (right)

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