Christmas gift guide: Gift cards

In defense of gift cards: It's basically, like, cash

Gift cards

Gift cards are thoughtful – because you’re letting your friends spend money on what they want. Less pressure for you, more choices for your loved ones, everyone wins. Here are the best gift cards you can find this Christmas.

Gift cards


Gift it to: Lovers of literature, readers and writers (ahem!).
Why: Um, books are expensive – and covetable collections don’t just curate themselves. Plus, a gift card to the best, most well-stocked bookstore in KL is the perfect present for when you’re too lazy to actually, you know, buy a book.
Value: From RM20.

Gift vouchers are available at Kinokuniya, Suria KLCC.
Gift cards


Gift it to: Fast fashion fiends.
Why: To keep up with terrifyingly fast-paced trends, of course.
Value: Any amount between RM25 to RM2,000.

Gift cards are available at H&M stores.
Gift cards


Gift it to: Couples whose relationships can and will survive the IKEA test, and fans of the film ‘(500) Days of Summer’.
Why: Your giftee needs another BILLY bookcase, a RENS sheepskin rug, and a kitchen remodelling.
Value: Any amount between RM50 to RM1,000.

Gift cards are available at IKEA stores.
Gift cards


Gift it to: Your artsy-craftsy, do-it-yourself friend (there’s always one).
Why: A weekend workshop is always around the corner.
Value: Any amount between RM30 to RM1,500.

Gift cards are available at Spotlight stores.
Gift cards


Gift it to: The child(ren) or the man-child in your life.
Why: Well, toys.
Value: Any amount from RM20 to RM999.

Gift cards are available at Toys‘R’Us stores.
Gift cards


Gift it to: Coffee drinkers, colleagues, or everyone else on your list.
Why: For caffeine-fuelled mornings.
Value: From RM20.

Gift cards are available at Starbucks stores.

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