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How to clean out your closet

It’s not fun, but it must be done – our highly scientific guide is here to help you detox your wardrobe

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Toss it
1. If you live in KL, the waste separation rule applies. Put all your unwanted clothes in a bag and leave it outside the general waste bin for collectors to pick up. 

2. Drop off your worn and torn clothes at H&M. For every bag of clothes you bring in, you’ll receive a discount voucher for your next purchase (www.hm.com/my).

Donate, sell or swap it
1. Donate your clothes at a Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar (PASS) orange bin near you (www.recyclecharity.org).

2. Do Something Good. No, we mean it – volunteer with Do Something Good, get a group of friends together, and see if you can start a clothes charity drive for the less fortunate (www.dosomething.gd).

3. Kechara Soup Kitchen seeks used or unused clothes in clean, good condition. That’s where you come in (www.kechara.com/soup-kitchen).

4. Bring your clothes to Pasar Percuma and give it away for free; there’s one held every few months or so (www.facebook.com/groups/pasarpercumamalaysia).

5. Old is gold! Join the Swap Party at Markets at Jaya One which takes place every quarter; bring pre-loved items and trade for charity (www.markets.my).

6. ‘Sell in a snap, buy with a chat’. Why, Carousell, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves (www.carousell.co).

7. Download the Duriana app, sell in seconds (www.duriana.com).

Keep it
Not so fast, fashionista. Now that you have a clean closet, keep it organised with these three tips: 

1. Organise your clothes according to colour. Visually, it looks great and it’ll help you find what you’re looking for as you get dressed.

2. Avoid double-hanging your clothes. Sure, it seems like a good idea when you’re running low on closet space, but remember: If you can’t see your clothes, you can’t wear them either.

3. Turn all your hangers backwards. After you wear an item, place the hanger back normally. In six months to a year, get rid of anything still hanging on a backwards hanger. Trust us on this.

Apps to help you along
Categorise your clothes so you can save and share your favourite outfits. It’s your personal outfit diary-and-virtual wardrobe.
Free (iOS)

The Instagram of fashion lets you share and save photos of your favourite outfits and shopping finds.
Free (Android, iOS)

A wardrobe-organising app for the careful curator of closets. Also check out: Closet+
Free (iOS)


Hilda B

I'm absolutely in love with this post! I'm really bad at cleaning and organization! There is a big possibility something to hit you when you're opening my closet! And I'm a  professional cleaner- isn't it ironic?  Thank you for the great post!

Best regards!