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Babel Fit

  • Sport and fitness
  • TTDI
  1. Photo: Babel Fit
    Photo: Babel Fit
  2. Photo: Babel Fit
    Photo: Babel Fit
  3. Photo: Babel Fit
    Photo: Babel Fit
  4. Photo: Babel Fit
    Photo: Babel Fit
  5. Photo: Babel Fit
    Photo: Babel Fit
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    Photo: Babel Fit
  7. Photo: Babel Fit
    Photo: Babel Fit
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    Photo: Babel Fit
  9. Photo: Babel Fit
    Photo: Babel Fit

Time Out says

KL’s latest gym is where the city’s #trends combine. Located on the rooftop of Menara Ken in TTDI, Babel Fit blurs the line between being a fitness centre, a garden rooftop lounge with outdoor infinity pool, and a juice-and-salad-bar café. From the luxurious-looking Babylonian entrance to the sauna and changing rooms that put those in five-star hotels to shame, there’s hardly a spot in the 25,000-sqft gym where you’re not tempted to capture the place on Instagram.

But they’re serious about fitness too: think the latest Rogue, Powerplate and Technogym equipment (Netflix and cardio, anyone?), spin class bikes and suspension ropes invented by a former Navy Seal that allow for a variety of multi-planar, compound movements. Looking to improve your strength? Sign up for the full-body Circuit and Sandbag classes. If it’s better stamina you’re eyeing, the popular HIIT, Motion and Peloton sessions should be your go-to. Or if you prefer to have fun and get fit at the same time, join intense dance classes, Pilates, various forms of yoga and Budokon – a unique mixed martial arts training system which integrates said mixed martial arts, yoga, calisthenics and locomotion. There’s also the highly anticipated pool workouts like Aqua Fit and Boga Fit, where you balance on top of Boga’s Fit Mat in Babel Fit’s pool, with an emphasis on balancing and challenging your core. Think up any fitness trend, Babel Fit probably has it.

Refuel after your workout at the café with sandwiches and juice and a short break at the lounge, perk up with a single-origin Columbian coffee (or whatever’s on offer) from Eight Ounce Coffee Co if you have to head to the office right after your session, or sneak a quick photo at Babel Fit’s many photogenic spots (mimicking the statue in a yoga pose by the pool seems pretty popular). But attractive nooks aside, Babel Fit is set to conquer the fitness landscape with its intense classes and sheer priority on kickstarting a better you.

Written by
Melissa Mazlan


Menara Ken
37 Jalan Burhanuddin Helmi
Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri, 6am-11pm; Sat-Sun, 7am-9pm
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