Fitness classes with free trials

Want to start a new workout but don’t want to commit to a membership just yet? These fitness centres offer a free trial session so you can try them out

Blade Fencing Kuala Lumpur

What it is: Tracing back hundreds of years, fencing was one of the few sports at the first Olympic Games. It’s often referred to as fast-paced physical chess, and is equally challenging for both mind and body. While excellent for honing coordination, focus and strategic thinking, fencing also improves strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, posture and balance, providing a workout that torches plenty of calories.

What to expect at the trial class: Instructors will give an introduction about fencing and teach beginners basic footwork, bladework and rules of the game. You’ll be taught alongside regular students so you can see what you’ll be working towards.

The extras: Blade Fencing also conducts classes for children as young as five. If you get really serious, instructors can provide high-level training for local and international competitions.

Get started: Email or call the centre to book a trial session.

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Solaris Dutamas


What it is: This dance studio offers a variety of classes for adults and children as young as three years old. Choose from classic dance genres such as ballet or newer dance forms – K-pop dance, hip hop and breakdance to name a few.

What to expect at the trial class: You’ll join a normal scheduled class so you’ll get to do everything the regulars do. If you don’t have experience, try a beginner-level class. If you don’t like the instructor or that particular genre of dance, Dancepot allows you to try other classes until you find something you enjoy.

The extras: If dancing alone isn’t vigorous enough for you, join a yoga or zumba fitness class, or top up a partial amount of the membership fee to attend more sessions a week.

Get started: Check out the schedule of classes available on the website, then fill out the trial form or email the studio to book your slot.

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Cordao de Ouro Capoeira Malaysia

What it is: This Brazilian martial art is an elegant combination of fight, dance, acrobatics, rhythm and music. Often likened to a game or a performance, it functions as both self defence and as an art form that develops strength, power, flexibility and stamina. While there are many centres that develop the fighting aspects of capoeira, Cordao de Ouro Capoeira takes a stylised approach and focuses more on dancing.

What to expect at the trial class: You’ll join a regular class with varying levels of ability but newbies will be taught basic movements and learn basic capoeira singing.

The extras: The centre organises monthly outdoor capoeira events and if you get serious, you can join yearly performances and grading ceremonies.

Get started: Check out the schedule on the website and drop by during any class to join.

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Seksyen 14

Urban Spring

What it is: A low-impact exercise routine that combines precise, flowing movements with correct breathing and alignment, Pilates is suitable for people of all fitness levels. Known to improve strength, muscle endurance, posture and flexibility, Pilates is also helpful for addressing common bodily pains, or as physiotherapy for those recovering from injuries.

What to expect at the trial class: Urban Spring offers a 30-minute one-to-one session where you’ll be introduced to the equipment and the reformer machine used in the Pilates classes. You can opt to pay for another half hour for a full session.

The extras: The studio offers Gyrokinesis, TRX and Pilates mat classes, and also conducts classes that combine TRX and reformer Pilates.

Get started: Book ahead so the studio can arrange an instructor to personally train you in your trial session.

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District 13

What it is: With a focus on developing strength and conditioning, CrossFit workouts combine elements of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), plyometrics, weight-lifting and calisthenics, among other exercises. Workouts boast plenty of variety; although the exercises are changed daily, they’re carefully structured into a well-rounded programme that works all parts of the body.

What to expect at the trial class: The 90-minute trial sessions are introductory tasters of CrossFit workouts, which include a warm-up, two short workouts and a cool down/stretch. Trial workouts are adjusted to accommodate people of all levels of fitness.

The extras: District 13 is one of the largest CrossFit centres in Malaysia, at 12,000 sq ft and with 20m ceilings, providing ample space for comfortable workouts. It also offers yoga classes.

Get started: Call or email District 13 to book your trial session.

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Petaling Jaya