Art of Extreme Movement (AOXM) [CLOSED]

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Art of Extreme Movement (AOXM) [CLOSED]
Photo: Hizwan Hamid

Note: Art of Extreme Movement is now closed.

Performing parkour in a constrained space, like a gym, is akin to asking David Beckham to play on a futsal pitch – it’s really not the same. But the folks at AOXM are increasing the appeal of parkour by making it safer, having set up KL’s first indoor parkour gym equipped with foam pits, scaffolding, handrails and obstacle walls that mimic the outdoors. Now you can get the same level of fun with a much lower risk of getting injured.

Traceurs sharpen their skills at this gym set in the industrial area of Bandar Sunway, somersaulting gracefully like gymnasts and scaling graffiti-covered walls. But parkour and free-running are not the only activities that make them bounce off the walls; these enthusiasts learn tricking (a form of martial arts that involves many acrobatic moves) and even dancing on the second floor of the gym.

The on-site trainers are more than willing to share their expertise if performing a Monkey Vault gets too intimidating for you. But hey, you can always start with something simple. Like, you know, a cartwheel.

By: Kong Wai Yeng


Venue name: Art of Extreme Movement (AOXM) [CLOSED]
Address: 32 Jalan PJS 11/8
Opening hours: Daily, 10am-12midnight
Price: RM8 per hour, RM15 for two hours, RM20 for three hours. Parkour lesson, RM80 for two hours
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