Drumming Nation

Drumming Nation
Photo: Claes Chong

This is the fourth installation of HANDS Percussion’s International Drumming Festival that will showcase a variety of drumming styles from all over the world. The well-known percussion group will be joined by three international acts this year, namely DAFRA Drum from the US and Burkina Faso, Gamelan JingGong from Bali, and Max Riefer from Germany, along with local talents such as Kamrul Hussin & Geng Wak Long, Tan Su Yin, Chia Cheng Kok, and friends from the Temple of Fine Arts.

DAFRA Drum is a multicultural ensemble that mixes dance and storytelling with drumming from the Djeli/Griot tradition of West Africa. Gamelan JingGong, on the other hand, are not just skilled in classical gamelan but they are also passionate about developing a new scene for this traditional musical performance. Max Riefer is a percussionist that's a regular on the international festival circuit.

On the local front, you can expect Kelantanese music from Geng Wak Long; Tan Su Yin’s solo marimba performance; plus an energetic set by the National Symphony Orchestra  percussionist/timpanist Chia Cheng Kok.

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