Masakini Theatre presents Puteri Saadong

Masakini Theatre presents Puteri Saadong

The legend of Puteri Saadong tells the story of a beautiful princess who was abducted for her looks. The beauty of Puteri Saadong – the adopted daughter of Che Siti, who was the Queen of Kelantan – caught the attention of the king of Thailand, who then sought her hand in marriage. After his proposal was rejected, the king became so outraged that he kidnapped Puteri Saadong and forced her to become his concubine.

This play, directed by Tage Larsen, is the story of a woman’s struggle against the King of Thailand. Plus, with new costumes in songket specially ‘No 5 Pink Roses’ woven by Yayasan Terengganu, ‘Puteri Saadong’ is bound to be a colourful and vibrant retelling of a popular legend.

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