The Farewell/The Witty Maid

The Farewell/The Witty Maid

A memorable scene from ‘The Butterfly Lovers’ is brought to life by Singapore’s Traditional Arts Centre in this absorbing Chinese opera showcase. The heart-wrenching farewell scene from the Chinese folk tale equivalent of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, which revolves around two star-crossed lovers from the Eastern Jin dynasty, sees Liang Shanbo accompanying Zhu Yingtai on an 18-mile hike before parting ways.

The ensuing programme, titled ‘The Witty Maid and the Prurient Master’, focuses on Jiang Yu. The quick-witted maid inadvertently bumps into her master Ping Jun Zan on the way to delivering snacks to Qi, a scholar. Ping obnoxiously teases Jiang, holding her back in the process. Thinking on her feet, she proposes a midnight rendezvous with Ping in the study and manages to escape his clutches.

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