Festival Idearaya

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Festival Idearaya
Kau Di Kanan Aku Senang

This September marks the inaugural Festival Idearaya, a festival celebrating culture and ideas by a collective which includes the folks behind Buku Jalanan Shah Alam, Kelab Filem Bangsar and more. On the agenda is ‘Dia;Spora’, an art exhibition featuring Tan Zi Hao, Engku Iman and Khairani Ahmad Zaquan. Other highlights include poem appreciation workshops, a didgeridoo workshop by Jejabus Kangen, documentary and film screenings, and the like. On closing night, catch Space Gambus Experiment, an open source music experiment by musician Kamal Saban who challenged traditional composition by combining radio waves from Jupiter with the gambus (an instrument similar to a Persian lute).

Event phone: 03 5522 2743
Event website: http://idearaya.com/
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