International Women's Day Shareshops by CultureRun

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International Women's Day Shareshops by CultureRun

CultureRun presents a series of classes and workshops by Malaysian women as part of their campaign for International Women's Day. The campaign-project will run for five weeks and features the following classes:

Mar 22
Startup Weapons
Learn how to maximise the use of various tools and software to run a successful startup.

Mar 23
How to grow your own edible garden
Get inspired to grow your own organic produce using bio-intensive methods.

Useful safety tips that could save your life
You will never be a victim of crime again as you learn practical tips and quick fixes to defend yourself in this class by Crazy Monkey Defense.

How to make a YouTube video
Get insights from famous YouTubers Marianne Tan and Jared Lee on how you can create your own breakthrough video.

Mar 30
Car Maintainance 101
This class will teach you the basics of checking and maintaining your car.

I can fix it! An afternoon DIY skills & maintainance class
A short course to teach you the basics of fixing and maintaining your home (so you don't need to wait for the handyman anymore).

Apr 5
Coffee painting: Creating art with coffee
If you love coffee art, this workshop will teach you the basics of painting using a teaspoon and paintbrushes.

Apr 6
How to make your own soap & virgin coconut oil
In this three-hour workshop, four Burmese teachers will teach you how to make your own organic soap and coconut oil.

Myanmar cooking
Grab this opportunity to learn how to cook popular Myanmar dishes such as laphet thote (pickled tea leaf salad) and mont pay thote (glutinous rice with jaggery and coconut).

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