Lose The Attitude

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Lose The Attitude

'Lose The Attitude' is an all-day festival aimed at cultivating and promoting go-green mindsets. The highlight of the day is the night concert, touted to be 'eco-friendly'. With emphasis on acoustic performances, the mini concert pledges not to utilise any electricity. Shows lined up include drum circles, fire breathers, Capoiera, tribal dance, Stomp, dikir barat and other live gigs. Note that there will also be a fashion show, which will showcase green-minded design ideas and ways to reuse old clothes.

During the day, a short film screening will take place at the IACT Gallery. A dialogue session with EcoKnights will be held to engage students in generating ideas to contribute to the conservation and preservation of the environment, as well as discussions on other pressing global warming and pollution issues. Going green has never possessed more appeal.

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